Total Wellness!
A Collaborative Trans/Genderqueer Health Workshop Series
LGBTIQ Sensitivity Trainings, Cultural Competency, & EEO Compliance
Diverse Speakers, Diverse Areas of Expertise

Total Wellness!: A transgender, genderqueer health series for providers and community members alike. Each part of the series offers learning and collaborative opportunities and addresses a different topic and a unique audience, from providers to community members to allies, though all are welcome to each Total Wellness! workshop.

Audiences: Physicians, psychotherapists, nurses, social workers, counselors, clergy, student health services, anyone else who provides physical, emotional, mental health, and spiritual care, and members of the trans/genderqueer/gender-gifted communities. As a provider, community member, or ally, what topics interest you? What would you like to see? What do you wish providers knew when approaching trans/genderqueer/gender non-conforming patients? Which trans health myths would you like to see clarified in a frank, scientifically-sound discussion?

Additional Training: GenderQueer Revolution's Total Wellness! program provides training for businesses, HR Departments, community organizations, schools, universities, campus organizations, civic groups, anyplace that finds itself needing LGBTIQ training for its employees, members, students, staff, or faculty. Topics include LGBT/Transgender 101, 201, and more specialized topics. We can provide panels or individual speakers, and GenderQueer Revolution and its founder have earned awards and honors, and our award-winning speakers have appeared on television, radio, magazines, and combined have well over a century of professional experience around gender.

Contact the Total Wellness! team if you would like information about upcoming Total Wellness! workshops and educational opportunities or if you would like us to conduct sensitivity, cultural competency, or EEO compliance seminars for your organization.

Sampling of Past Total Wellness! Events and Presentations