Welcome to the online home of GenderQueer Revolution! Look around, feel inspired, and find support for your gender-gifted, genderqueer self. (Note: If viewing this site from within another site's frame, please click here: www.genderqueerrevolution.org).
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Supporting and Empowering GenderQueer, Genderfabulous Beings. Celebrating Gender-Giftedness in Every One.

GenderQueer Revolution: 1) A national organization dedicated to empowering people of all genders, helping people to embrace the gift of gender in their own lives and in the lives of others, supporting and cultivating genderqueer, gender-gifted individuals and communities, uniquely gender-gifted art, spirituality, research, and academics, and educating and building bridges across trans, gendered, queer, and non-queer communities and beyond. 2) A global movement, a powerful collection of many parts that come together to achieve and create a brilliant, powerful, unstoppable Whole, going beyond the tangible and into the level(s) of greatest potential

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