GenderQueer Revolution once more proudly joins together with many other individuals and organizations in the gender communities as a Community Collaborator for the 3rd Annual Trans Leadership Summit (as we were for the first and second Summits), at UC Berkeley, March 14-16, 2008.

Join GenderQueer Revolution board members Mike/Michelle Dennis and Alexander Yoo at the Genderqueer Caucus // Coffeetalk-on-the-Bay on Saturday the 15th, at 2 PM. For full conference details and registration (free) go to

Come, participate in the Genderqueer Caucus // Coffeetalk-on-the-Bay, then stay after for either a planned or impromptu gathering with other genderfab, gender-gifted folks.

Sat., March 15, 2:00-3:00: Genderqueer Caucus // GenderQueer Revolution Coffeetalk-on-the-Bay
Beyond Labels. Beyond Gender. Beyond Arbitrary Distinctions and Divisions... Everyone is welcome to join us in supporting and empowering anyone open to their unique gender-giftedness and celebrating gender-giftedness in everyone.

Mike/Michelle Dennis
Mike/Michelle Dennis, MS is out as both Mike and Michelle in all areas of her life. Mike/Michelle was on the national advisory board for GenderPac, is active in LOTUS (League of Trans Unified Sisters), memberships chair of the Alpha Chapter of Tri-Ess, facilitator of GenderQueer Revolution's Coffeetalk and co-chair of the West Hollywood Transgender Task Force.
"I am a transgender/genderqueer person with a dual gender identity who presents in all parts of my life as both “Mike” and as “Michelle.” I completed a 35-year career in the public sector in 2003. I am a Certified Public Finance Officer, and I teach at the UCLA Graduate School of Public Affairs. I have lobbied the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and I recently completed as a member of the National Advisory Board for the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition in Washington D.C. I am currently Co-Chairperson of the West Hollywood Transgender Task Force, Co-Outreach Chair for the Los Angeles chapter of Tri-Ess (international association for male to female cross dressers), board member of Gender Queer Revolution, and board member of FTM International."

Alexander Yoo
Rev. Alexander Yoo MA, MFTI is the President of GenderQueer Revolution and facilitates the FT? Coming Out Group sponsored by FTMI at the LAGLC. He is a leader in many gender causes, 2003's Recipient of the Pride Award (“FTM of the Year”), 2004's Recipient of the IFGE TSELF scholarship and 2005's Recipient of the Excellence Award for GenderQueer Revolution. As an Asian person of color immigrant he is proud to represent people of color and people of gender, faith and cultural diversity.