Coffeetalk: What is it?
Space, in both the physical and emotional sense, to talk, connect, and find sustenance for our gender-gifted souls in the company of other genderqueer Beings. Facilitated group for anyone who wishes to explore the gift of gender and/or their genderqueer experiences and identities. Sharing how we as genderqueer, gender-fabulous, gender non-conforming gender-gifted people integrate the rest of our lives with our unique gender experience.
Who can come?
Anyone of any gender identity, sexuality, whatever age, ethnicity, genetic makeup, background, shape, or size, whatever gender assigned at birth, who celebrates their unique gender-gifted, genderqueer, gender-non-conforming, genderqueerrific S/spirit and that of others!
Resources for Allies
Our thanks to our allies and friends, particularly students of psychology and mental health, who wish to learn how to serve trans and genderqueer people. We want to keep Coffeetalk safe for the personal expression and exploration of genderqueer, gender-gifted experience and identity. Therefore, we eagerly invite our allies to our educational and training workshops through our Total Wellness! program created just for YOU. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Guidelines for Coffeetalk

  • Please stay on topic and refrain from crosstalk.

  • Please respect the names and pronouns of choice for every one present.

  • Please speak with respect using "I" and "feelings" statements as much as possible.

  • Please respect the unique gender-gifted, genderqueerriffic spirit of everyone in the room and the multitude of gender identities and expressions, cultures, perspectives, (dis)abilities, philosophies, and so forth.

  • Facilitator responsible to halt line of discussion if inappropriate. Try to be mindful of others, and change topics if necessary.

  • Please try to assume best intentions all around, ask before giving feedback, and exercise your power as an individual and speak if you feel the need.

  • Please respect the host space.